Welcome to Ancient Order of Hibernians Division 14!





Oct-1 - Saturday - 7pm (Show begins at 7:30pm) LAOH Presents a Broadway Musical with "Ladies First". As you step behind the curtain into the world of show biz and take a musical look at the real "Life Upon the Wicked Stage." Tickets are $20, cash bar, bring your own table snacks/appertizers, etc.

Oct-11 LAOH Division Meeting (moved because of Columbus Day)

Oct-12 Family Supper (tentative menu detailed in Updates)

Oct-13 AOH Division Meeting

Oct-20 Club Inc. Meeting

Oct-25 Michael Connolly Class ritual begins at 7:30 pm

Nov-6 AOH/LAOH State Memorial Mass and Brunch

Nov-10 AOH Division Meeting

Nov-14 LAOH Division Meeting

Nov-17 Club Inc. Meeting

Nov-18 Turkey Shoot

Nov-20 Ice Bucket Challenge and Patriots tailgate

Hall Rentals
Please remember when renting the hall as a member you must
be a member in good standing, pay with your own check and you
must be at the function. We have had a few people ask about
these requirements for the member's rate, so we wanted to help
clarify these requirements. The Members’ Lounge may be used
for up to fifty people. For more than fifty the Big Hall is available.
We love to see members renting the hall for all their family
functions. For more information please contact the Rental Agent,
Desi McElroy, at 617-710-8680. Also check out our web pages
for photos of the Hall: www.aohdiv14.com


AOH Membership Notice
2016 DUES ARE NOW PAYABLE. Regular Division Members pay
$55.00, Senior Division Members pay $30.00. All Associate
Members regardless of age pay $55.00. You can mail your checks
to A.O.H. Div. 14 c/o Dennis Murphy, P.O. Box 11, Watertown, MA
02471. You may also make payment at the club.

LAOH Membership Notice
2016 dues are now payable. When sending your dues please
include your name, address, phone number and e-mail. This will
provide us with an up-to-date listing. There are only two prices for
dues, Members age 64 and below - $30, 65 and over - $25. Sue
McCallum contact information is 781.899.9423 email is

E-mail Addresses Needed From All Members
We have set up an e-mail distribution list to cut down on the
Newsletter expenses. Please send your e-mail to the Financial
Secretary Dennis Murphy at moose1073@gmail.com.

Sick Members and/or shut-in
If anyone knows of a fellow member that is sick and/or shut-in
please inform the Chairman of our Sick Committee (Desi McElroy).
Desi can be reached at 617.710.8680. For the LAOH please
contact Eileen Waldron at 781.642.9250.