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Are You Irish, Catholic, and looking to be part of a local community?

The Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) is America's oldest Irish Catholic fraternal organization. The Order can trace it's roots back to a series of similar societies that existed in Ireland for more then 300 years.

Q. What is the AOH?
A. The Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) is America's oldest Irish Catholic fraternal organization, founded in May, 1836. The mission of the AOH is to promote Irish culture, community and Christian charity.
  • Foster the ideals and perpetuate the history and traditions of the Irish People.
  • Aid and advace the aspirations of the Irish people for independence and promote peace, justice, and unity for all Ireland.
  • Encourage equitable US immigration laws and a fair American immigration policy.
  • Accept and support the concept of free expression of religious practice for all people.
  • Uphold and sustain loyalty to the US Government.
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    Q. What is the history of the AOH?

    A. The Order can trace its roots back to a series of similar societies that existed in Ireland for more than 300 years. The AOH evolved from a need in the early sixteen-hundreds to protect the lives of priests who risked immediate death to keep the Catholic faith alive in occupied Ireland after the reign of England's King Henry VIII.

    Q. What does the Division 14 AOH in Watertown do today?

    A. The mission of the AOH today is to promote Irish culture, community and Christian charity. Our local Division 14, has a hall in Watertown where we meet, organize community activities such as blood drives and food drives to help the needy in our comunity, hosts educational, music, cultural and family events, as well supports our local, Catholic churches.

    Q. How can I become a Hibernian?

    A. Membership in the AOH is open to men or women of Irish heritage who are practicing Catholics. To obtain an application for, or get more information as to what membership entails, either scan the QR code or call or email the Division Financial Secretary below.



    Ten Reasons to become a member:

    1. Irish Heritage: If you have Irish roots or an interest in Irish culture, joining the AOH allows you to connect with your heritage and celebrate Irish traditions.
    2. Camaraderie: The AOH provides a sense of camaraderie and belonging. You can meet like-minded individuals who share your passion for Irish culture and community service.
    3. Networking Opportunities: Joining the AOH can provide you with networking opportunities within the Irish community. You can meet people who have similar interests or professional connections that can be beneficial in various aspects of your life.
    4. Community Service: The AOH is dedicated to giving back to the church and local community. Through volunteer efforts and charitable initiatives, you can make a positive impact and contribute to the betterment of society.
    5. Preservation of Irish Culture: The AOH plays a crucial role in preserving Irish culture and heritage. By joining, you can actively participate in promoting and safeguarding Irish traditions, language, music, dance, and history.
    6. Educational Programs: The AOH often organizes educational programs and events focused on Irish history, literature, and arts. These activities can provide valuable insights into the rich Irish cultural heritage.
    7. Support for Irish Causes: The AOH supports various causes and organizations related to Ireland and the Irish diaspora. By becoming a member, you can contribute to the AOH's efforts in advancing these causes and providing assistance to those in need.
    8. Advocacy and Activism: The AOH advocates for issues important to the Irish community, both in the United States and Ireland. As a member, you can join these advocacy efforts and work towards positive change.
    9. Leadership Development: The AOH offers opportunities for leadership development. You can take on roles within the organization, such as officer positions or committee memberships, which can enhance your leadership skills and provide valuable experience.
    10. Social Events: The AOH organizes social events, such as dinners, dances, and cultural celebrations, where you can connect with fellow members and enjoy Irish music, food, and entertainment. These events provide a fun and vibrant social atmosphere.

    Ultimately, joining the Ancient Order of Hibernians allows you to immerse yourself in Irish culture, serve the community, and form lifelong friendships with individuals who share your passion for all things Irish.


    Membership Notice

    AOH Membership Notice AOH Membership Notice 2023 DUES ARE NOW PAYABLE. Regular Division Members pay $55.00, Senior Division Members pay $30.00. All Associate Members regardless of age pay $55.00. You can mail your checks to A.O.H. Div. 14 c/o Rick Stacy, P.O. Box 11, Watertown, MA 02471. You may also make payment at the club.

    LAOH Membership Notice LAOH Membership Notice 2023 dues are now payable. When sending your dues please include your name, address, phone number and e-mail. This will provide us with an up-to-date listing. There are only two prices for dues, Members age 64 and below - $30, 65 and over - $25. You can mail your checks to LAOH, c/o Ellen Ridge

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    Scholarship Information, Application and Winners


    Scholarship Information

    Application for Scholarship

    2023 County Scholarship Winner: Meagan Connelly

    2023 Div 14 Scholarship Winners

    Carole Roche

    Tom O'Shea

    Ed Falter